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About CPPI Masters

CPPI 아카데미 교육강사팀


CPPI 아카데미팀 교육강사는 CPPI 정규과정 또는 그에 준하는 인증된 필라테스아카데미를 졸업하고,

최소 필라테스 레슨 현장 3년이상 경력자만이 입학할 수 있는 마스터 과정-CMPI 교육을 수료한 후,

엄격한 평가를 거쳐 마스터자격을 취득해야만 교육강단에 설 수 있습니다.

Our Story

Before we became Pilates instructors, we were doing our own professional work in various fields.
One day, we felt the need for a healthy lifestyle and movement, and discovered a movement called Pilates.
We have spent the last 10 years or more studying and practicing this correct pattern of movement.
In the meantime, the paths we have passed have spread to people with very positive effects in the field of Pilates in Korea, and many people have come to know that such experiences, study and exploration are the way to become a proper Pilates instructor.
We have developed a curriculum to nurture true Pilates instructors who can be active in the Pilates field for a long time, and we are confident that this curriculum will become the standard of Pilates education in Korea.

CPPI Masters

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